Buying Art is Like Falling in Love

My artwork encapsulates my close personal connection to natural history, often in a narrative form.

Drawing on the influences of contemporary surrealists and figurative abstraction, my works depict my admiration for the wonders of nature.

Animals and landscapes are the essential subjects of both my traditional oil and my contemporary figurative paintings. As I paint, my brush strokes go beyond the known world, as I explore and vary both concepts and techniques.

My figurative abstract art paintings may capture a fleeting moment in time, realistically frozen or perhaps an abstracted essence that flows eternally.

From the mundane to the powerfully dramatic all subjects provide a challenge for visual communication.

Each composition is a unique story, created for you the viewer; my philosophy is what you see.

Question and peruse, select what you like. What your eyes see is both subjective and personal.​

I offer you a connective artistic journey. Please enjoy your visit.

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Boulder, CO 80302

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